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My name is T.K. Goforth.  I am a musician, song-writer, music teacher and author of “Chord Piano Is Fun!”  I’ve traveled the world performing professionally with local bands, big bands and jazz combos in Houston, New Orleans and Seattle.  I have also traveled extensively performing throughout Europe, Africa, the Philippines and stateside.

Besides being a musician, I am also a wife and mom and my family is my biggest blessing in the world. I am also an avid gardener, photographer, activiist, cook, computer geek of sorts, lover of God and someone who loves to laugh. Check out my other blog at “The Chick of All Trades.”

Besides having a passion for music, and specifically music performance, I LOVE teaching others.  To see my students embrace music through the keyboard gives me great satisfaction.  So, teaching music is right up my alley, and I’ve done so for the last 10 years.

However, through my years of teaching, I saw the need to teach students (both children and adults) how to play piano in a way that they could actually USE through their entire life.  I had many, many students who wanted to play more than classical pieces, and would bring me popular song books which were much more difficult than their learning level.  I also realized that most people who have taken piano lessons forget much of it after lessons are over. You don’t know how many times I have heard, from school-aged students to adults alike,  “Well, I used to play…”

That was just not right to me, so I had to do something about it. I tried to find a book on the market which would teach students how to play “by chord”, and be able to read chord charts and lead sheets, like those in bands do.  I could not find one on the market, much to my frustration.  So, that set me to action and I wrote “Chord Piano Is Fun!”  Now, It’s so exciting to hear so many students (including people who have taken piano lessons for years) say to me, “I can’t believe I didn’t know this stuff before!”  CLICK HERE to find out more!

And, if you would like to find out more about my other passions, you can find my other blog, Chick of All Trades by clicking HERE.  I’m so glad you stopped by!

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My name is T.K. Goforth, also known as the "Chord Piano Chick." I am a musician, song-writer, music teacher and author of "Chord Piano Is Fun!" I am also a wife, mom, and a chick who enjoys life.

I also LOVE teaching others. To see my students embrace music through the keyboard gives me great satisfaction. Music is God's greatest gift to mankind, and through it we can find humor, relaxation, healing, and connection with God and others. And, I believe it should be fun!

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"Just wanted to let you know that I got your Chord Piano is Fun book and, honestly, it’s the most comprehensive book I’ve ever seen on chords..." read more

"I am learning Oh Come All Ye Faithful - having so much fun!! I have taken piano lessons before and never been able to enjoy it!! Many Thanks for your method!" read more

"Using Chord Piano is Fun helped me to write a song called “A Chance For Hope”. I never thought I would be able to write a song..." read more

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