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Chord Piano Is FunI recently came upon another excellent review for my book, “Chord Piano Is Fun!”  I am so thankful that this book has been able to help so many.  People who have sung for years and have needed an “instrument” have been able to do so by using this book.  One of those persons is ME!  I was a singer who did not have an instrument to accompany myself and always had to depend upon someone else to accompany me.  I SO wanted to learn to play the piano so that I could play my jazz music and lead worship at church.  I looked EVERYWHERE and took lessons from several piano teachers but they didn’t “get” what I was talking about.  So, after spending LOADS of money learning via bits and pieces of videos and downloads here and there, I finally learned a bit of what I wanted to know but I wanted to teach this to my students or others, without spending the loads of money I did.  I realized I had to write my own to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR! And, it looks like it has worked for Anita and many others like her!  Please read her wonderful review:

Anita HouserFrom Anita Houser, Anita’s Music Studio
Augusta, GA:

First Rate Chord Piano Method Book!
More and more lately, I’m hearing from my current and prospective piano students that they want to be able to play popular music (and many want to accompany themselves as they sing). As a piano teacher, I see this as a wonderful way to give students what they want WHILE also developing them into well-rounded musicians. Chord Piano is Fun! by T.K. Goforth is now a required music book for my piano students. So now if they choose to purchase popular sheet music, they don’t have to be strictly ‘married’ to the written notes! (But will be able understand and play from the chord symbols – a skill that many have not learned.)

I can already see how it is inspiring and equipping my students. It’s creating a domino effect in their musical growth, in that some are now even listening to recordings of their favorite popular songs to hear and identify the chords.

Chord Piano is Fun! is a wonderful and thorough introduction to chord piano, breaking down the concepts and getting students quickly applying the relationship between notes, scales, chords, chord progressions, and songs. Applied theory at its best, since it has you not just read about the concepts, but guides you in understanding and practicing them right from the piano. The book is broken into various lessons which have a focus concept, practice instructions and techniques, places to write in the book answer questions, etc. There are also review sections and worksheets to further reinforce the concepts. There are plenty of song examples in different keys for students to use in their practice.

The information is presented in a logical and progressive way. It also has lessons on: Writing a Song, Playing the Blues, and Accompanying Yourself or Others. This is offering the kind of well-rounded introduction that is often missing in books like this. I also like how the author offers additional resources and support for continued learning through her website and other resources mentioned in the book. It also has helpful addendums containing scales, chord reference sheets, major and minor circle of 5ths/4ths, and more. This book gets an A from me! As a teacher it’s given me a solid introductory resource to help meet the demand for chord piano in my studio, and it’s unlocking a whole new world of pop/jazz music for my students.

Thank you, Anita!


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  1. piano carpal tunnel
    4 years ago

    Piano study is incremental learning as student goes from primer level books to book 1, 2, 3, 4 and so forth. Students recognize that as they advance from one level to the next level, they are not only getting better but enjoying piano playing as well. In a teenager’s life, especially in moments when they want something intensely, their minds will be distracted from the route of immediate or short term gratification. Hard work will ultimately usher them back to their long term goals.

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