Jazz for Cows

Jazz for Cows

I get the biggest kick out of this video. Not only because I am a jazz singer, or because I think that cows are the dopiest things alive, but because it also reminds me of my experience with cows and music.

My father would always listen to blaring classical music while he was dinking around on cars in our carport. While he was working on a particular vehicle one day, a few of our dopey cows somehow got free from our pasture. I was laughing out loud at what resembled a Tom and Jerry cartoon as my father and our neighbor chased these cows around to Beethoven’s 5th. That was some funny poo poo.

Enjoy this video…you have to know that God has a sense of humor to have created such creatures.

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  1. Claire
    6 years ago

    It was a wonderful blog. My Grandpa sang a song to his chickens too. Thanks that you’ve shared this with us.

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