Where Do I Put My Hands?!

If, as a music teacher, you are as frustrated as your students in helping them to move out of “piano position”, you are not alone.  Even though it is often important to teach a child certain “hand positions” in order for them to have an anchor to the keyboard, it’s also important to move them out of that as as quickly as possible.  Often, that is getting them to start working on a recital song that moves their hands around quite a bit so you can show them that the reason that the piano has so many keys on them is so that they can be PLAYED.  And by THEM.  It may seem obvious to us as teachers, but often is not as students, and they are just WAITING for you to show them what to do at every step.  (Ever have a student look at you quite often and go “Is this right?”)

I created a little sheet that has helped alot in getting the students to understand that all sorts of different fingers can play all sorts of different keys.  The right hand 1 finger does not always have to play Middle C (enlightening!) and the left hand 5 finger does not always have to play bass C.  In fact, when I tell them that most songs in their life won’t be doing that anyway they wonder if I am from outer space.

Here is a little chart that I put together that helps a student “get it.”    Each exercise is short and sweet and not too painful.  Let them know that it may take some time at first for them to find each note, but it is a “retraining” process for their brains.    (This is just a partial screenprint of the worksheet.  If you would like to download the full copy, you may do so here.)


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